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The Tour The Bible Academy exists for the primary purpose of offering teaching and training, previously only offered at the college and university level, to those desiring to learn more about the Bible. Courses are offered in the areas of study such as biblical studies, biblical archaeology, apologetics, and eschatology for the purpose of increasing general knowledge of the Word of God and causing the learner to become excited about studying scripture.

The courses are taught and/or developed by leading experts on the subject that have studied at some of the finest educational institutions in the world, including Oxford University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Tour The Bible Academy utilizes an eight module system similar to that which is used by many leading Universities for their online programs. However, learners are not bound to a time schedule and can complete courses as quickly or as slowly as they would like. Each module consists of assignments such as required reading, a lecture video, and some type of learner assessment. Discussion boards are also available for learners to interact with one another. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of each course.


Unlike college and university programs that charge per course and per credit hour, Tour The Bible Academy offers the learner access to it’s ensire catalogue of courses as part of a monthly subscription. There are no additional fees or registration costs outside of the low $30 a month subscription cost.

Featured Classes

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History Of The Bible

A study of the History of the Bible from the time of the first written documents until the modern English translations. Course includes information on the development of both the Hebrew Bible and Christian Bible canons as they transitioned from oral tradition to written text.


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How To Study The Bible

Basic course on how to study the Bible. Learners are presented with practical information regarding the best methods of reading the Bible and are provided with various tools to help increase the effectiveness of their studies.


Introduction To Biblical Archaeology

An introduction course into Biblical Archaeology. A brief history of Biblical Archaeology is given along with important evolutions within the discipline. Archaeological excavations from both the Hebrew Bible and Christian Bible are discussed.


The New Testament: An Introduction

An introduction to the authorship and contents of the New Testament books. Special attention will be given to important persons, places, events, as well as to key chapters in the New Testament revelation.



Who is Tour The Bible Academy intended for?

Tour The Bible Academy is intended for anyone who desires a more in-depth study of God’s Word, especially those who have always desired to study at a college or university but have been unable to due to cost or time restraints.

How much does it cost per course?

You do not pay per course. With a monthly membership, you have access to all of the courses available.

Will I still have access to courses once I have completed them?

Yes. As long as your membership is current, you have unlimited access to all of the courses available.

Who would benefit from Tour The Bible Academy?

Anyone who desires to learn more about the Bible can benefit from these courses. It makes a great resource for pastors, a perfect training program for lay ministers and Sunday school teachers, and can even be used to supplement church education programs and preparation training for licensing and ordination. However, Tour The Bible Academy was specifically designed to be used by individuals desiring to know more about God’s Word.

How much time do I have to complete the course?

Each course is divided into 8 modules. It is recommended that you complete each module within one week; however, this is only a recommendation. You have unlimited time to complete each course as long as your membership is current and valid.

Are textbooks required?

While there may be some courses that provide academic articles for reading, most of the courses do require a text book and every effort has been made to use the same textbook in multiple courses when possible.

Is Tour The Bible Academy accredited?

Tour The Bible Academy is not a college or university and therefore cannot be accredited.

What happens when you complete a course?

Once you complete a course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion, granted you have met the requirements.

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