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About The Broadcast

Tired of boring and complicated Bible teaching that only leaves you confused? Then be sure to tune in Monday through Friday and experience for yourself the coalescence of entertainment and scholarship with your host Steven Eisenhauer and Dr. C. Ryan Jones, and discover just how exciting the Bible really is!

Steven Eisenhaur

Steven Eisenhaur


Dr. C. Ryan Jones

Dr. C. Ryan Jones


The Tour The Bible Broadcast provides practical and easy to understand teaching of the Bible in a way that is both scholarly and entertaining.  Since 2015, our listener base has grown from the United States, to include countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, India, Argentina, Spain, Iraq, Chile, Algeria, Portugal, Angola, France, Republic of Moldova, Norway, Bolivia, Republic of Korea, Italy, Japan, Guatemala and Panama.

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