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In the busy world that we live in, time is our most precious commodity.  With all of the commitments and distractions we have in our lives, sometimes it feels impossible to do everything that we need to within a 24 hour period of time. Often when looking to find more time in our schedules, Bible study is something frequently put off; it seems difficult and time consuming, so it’s an easy choice. However, studying the Word of God is perhaps the most rewarding thing a person can do in their lifetime!

In this powerful free resource, Bible scholar and biblical archaeologist Dr. C. Ryan Jones introduces you to five helpful tools for how to get the most out of your time studying the Bible.

Learn How To:

  • Pick the proper resource for your study.
  • Find the necessary data to properly understand the context of the biblical text.
  • Locate free resources to help you visualize scripture.
  • Access multiple Bible translations for comparison
  • Discover inexpensive online courses.

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