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Bible Reading Plans

Do you feel like your Bible reading lacks direction? Regardless of your reading interests, we are certain to have a plan that is right for you. By using one of the Tour The Bible Reading Plans you will be guided through the passages of scripture and be able to easily track your progress.

Reading List - Torah

Memory Verses

We are told in the Book of Joshua that the key to success is meditating on the Word of God. The way to do that is by memorizing scripture. Besides the promise of Joshua 1:8, many find comfort, peace, and guidance from the passages of the Bible. Scripture memorization is a good way to insure that these words will “…not depart from your mouth.”










Bible Journaling

Bible journaling has become a popular way for Christians to engage in their study of the scriptures. It allows for the reader to actively participate in their reading in a creative way. With the Tour The Bible Journaling Guide, you no longer have to find unique and original ways to mark your text. By utilizing these markings, you will have a uniform system that is both attractive and creative.

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